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Alfa Medical
265 Post Ave
Westbury, NY 11590
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Fax 516-977-7434
Europe (UK #) 44-203-411-9907 International 516-301-5567

Amsco Autoclaves Parts


Request for part for your Amsco Autoclave

To receive a quote for parts for your Amsco Autoclave, we will need to answers to the following questions:

1. What is the mfg name of your sterilizer?
2. What is the model # of your sterilizer?
3. What is the serial #?
4. What is the chamber size?
5. If you have a part number, what is it?
6. If you don't have a part number, please descibe it.
7. How many do you need?
8. How soon do you need it?


Marcus Fortila
Ext 213

For assistance call and ask for
Andy, Miriam, Andrea, Joan, Shlomo,
Chuck, Ermani, James, or Alin
Email Us